WarnerMedia Technology & Operations is investing in your skills development to support the ambitious plans we have ahead of us. When you apply what you are learning in your work and with others, we all win!

As part of this challenge, we are asking you to provide information for your learning journey this year. This information will help us understand what is needed to support your learning goals. In addition, you can access your learning data to use for your self-review or to author your training plan for 2021.

The Level Up Challenge in 4 Steps:

  1. Sign-Up for the Challenge to stretch in what you are learning and how you are learning!
  2. Join weekly virtual events on Eventbrite to gain insights for topics that can challenge your career perspective.
  3. Capture what you learned this year from different platforms and experiences in the LEARNING JOURNEY dashboard (on-going from Sept. 8 – Dec. 11).
  4. Review your data at the FINISH LINE and access the report info for your self-review (completed at the end of the Challenge in November/December).

Some terms you should know:

This Venn diagram illustrates the different types of learning we participate in:

  1. Self-Directed Learning – Taking the initiative to diagnose your learning needs, creating goals, choosing the learning strategy, and evaluating the outcomes.
  2. Collaborative Learning – Working in groups of two or more mutually searching for understanding, solutions, or meanings.
  3. Problem-Based Learning – Utilizing problem-solving and self-directed skills to execute a solution that satisfies a problem.


WMTechU Level Up Learning Infographic
AND since it will be the holiday season when this challenge ends, you can enter your name into the drawing to win one of three grand prizes for LEVELING UP! (Prizes awarded on December 11, 2020).

Stacey Rivers
Director of Skills Development
WarnerMedia Technology Operations

Share your accomplishments on Yammer at WMTechU, the Slack channel #wmtechu or email us at wmtechu@turner.com so we can celebrate with you!